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A Brand - A Vision

The vision of the brand starts at the top (How Great Leaders Inspire Action) and it is realized through the collaborate effort of all the employees.

The Differences Make the Brand

The company should be able to state with absolute clarity why they and their products are different from all of the competition. It is the differences that make the brand.

The company needs to take advantage of every opportunity, across all media, to stress the uniqueness of their company and products.

All Employees Need to be on the Same Page

The brand message needs to be supported by all aspects and relationships of the company.

The employees need to believe in the company and feel they are part of the team. They need to be inspired and enthusiastic and this should be conveyed through all interactions with the consumer.

All representatives need to speak with one voice that distinctly represents the essence of the brand.

Good Branding is About Trust

The products/services must live up to the promise of the brand. The company needs to nurture the brand and constantly make sure that that every aspect of the brand is positive.

Attention should be paid to even the smallest detail from the packaging, signage, letterhead to the retail environment and all other facets of the company and it products/services.

All great brands live up to the expectations of the consumer: Apple, Coca Cola Virgin...