Creative Brief - Project
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To have an effective web site you need to know the audience/user. You need to be able to create a profile of the demographic characteristics of your primary and possible secondary user.

Primary and Secondary Users:

The primary user is the person to whom the information on the website is directed, the secondary audience uses the website but is not the one to whom the information is addressed. For example:
A website for a univerisity is directed towards students but those employed by the university also use the site.  The students are the primary audience and the employees are the secondary audience. The parents of the student will also be part of the secondary audience.


In addition you need to create fictional individual personas that fall within the profile of your user groups. Personas are fictional users, their demographics include more individual information than that of the general audience. Personas along with a photograph help to personalize the user for the team and is a tool that helps them to more closely tailor the design and technology to the user's needs and experience.

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