Creative Brief - Project
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The Communication Strategy:

before you can start on the Communication Strategy you need to have a strong grasp of the company's Competitive Positioning which is the basis of your company's identity.

A Company's Identity

supports the brand and is made up of but is not limited to:
colors, shapes, typography, graphics, copy
which are used in:
the name, logo, tagline, websites, brochures, advertising, signage and other materials that represent the company.

The Communication Strategy

defines the goals and deadlines for creating and communicating the company's message along with the specific design elements and the reasoning behind your choices. Describe exactly how you are going convey the company's image/identity using some or all of the following elements:


The tagline is the main message that you want to convey about the company. It can be one or two words or a short phase. For example:
Allstate - Your in Good Hands
American Express - Don't leave home without it

example Creative Brief set-up
The Communication Strategy normally goes on the same page as the Competitive Positioning.



How are you going to convey the message/identity that you want to project.
Identify the visuals and how they will be used along with any specific copy that directly supports the identity.