Information Architecture: Wireframes
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The Sitemap

is a representation of the site's structure. The sitemap shows all of the site's pages and how they link to each.


should show as much information as possible. They should include the page number, the file name and the name of the page, all of which should match the information on your site inventory. For very large sites, pages that are simular can be shown in blocks (see the diagram below). Include a legend which will help identify the map's elements for your client.


are used to show whether or not the user can navigate back and forth from one page to another, or can only go in one direction. The arrow leading from the page 2.0 indicates that for the pages 2.0 - 2.5  the user can navigate within these pages in any direction which means that each of these pages have a secondary menu that points to all pages within this group. Although all of the pages 4.1 - 4.3 have the global menu (dotted line) that includes 4.0 the user is forced to navigate in only one direction within this group. This is because these pages contain a tutorial and it makes sense to have the user navigate from lesson one to lesson two etc.


information and flow direction is often shown in detail on a flowchart.
Download examples of flowchart, sitemap and symbols

example Sitemap set-up



Diagram of a Sitemap